Three memories

Lake Washington. Seattle, Washington

A true story about friendship

A toddler with a bad haircut
Found on the web: Theresa Hupp with a bad haircut

And love of my life.

Any nuts will work.

  1. Soak overnight (optional).
  2. Add a little salt and sweetener to balance flavor or else it will taste gross.
  3. Blend at highest setting (please protect your ears!).
  4. *Optional: Strain through a cheesecloth or clean T-shirt (sensing a theme?). *I personally can’t be bothered, why waste the nuts? Just shake well before you drink it.
  5. Taste and add more salt or sweetener as needed.

Use 100% cotton tee

  1. Pull a T-shirt on upside down.
  2. Double over bottom hem and pull over face for the mask part.
  3. Pull fabric back and twist the section behind head. Pull this over front of head.
  4. Tie sleeves.
  5. Tuck loose hairs in so you’re not tempted to touch your face.
  6. Rock that lewk in public. (But mostly stay home.)

Jeans and khakis just aren’t cutting it during crisis

Three years ago I left New York in a converted ambulance van.

Do you want to watch a whole movie that centers around an emotionally crippled middle-aged white guy’s inner monologue?

Héloïse Chung

Writer. Director. Creative Director. She/Her

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